Custard Trifle recipe

This one comes as my all time favorite super saver dessert. The reason I like it so much is that it not only looks fancy but can also be made with minimum effort. Plus, this trifle recipe gives a superb blend of cake and custard and cream along with fruits. What a combo!

This recipe is a perfect fit for any occasion. With its mild flavors and melt in mouth consistency, this is a sure shot favorite of kids and grown ups equally.


Vanilla custard

  • 1 1/2 cups of whole milk
  • 3 tbsp custard powder (substitute 3 tablespoon corn starch + 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract/essence)
  • 3 tbsp whole milk (for making custard paste)
  • 4 tbsp sugar or as required

Whipped cream

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream (cold)
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract


  • 250 grams pound cake or 1 small cake
  • 2 cups chopped mix fruit
  • 4 to 5 tbsp of orange juice
  • Chocolate shavings and cherries (for toppings)


For custard

  • Dissolve 3 tbsp of custard powder in 3 tbsp of cold milk so that no lumps are formed and keep it aside.
  • Now in a separate pan, take 1 1/2 cups milk; add 4 tbsp sugar and bring it to a boil.
  • Add the custard powder paste and stir quickly, keeping the stove on medium flame so that no lumps are formed. Keep on stirring till the custard thickens. Since it’s for a trifle recipe, I prefer it slightly thicker.
  • Allow the custard to cool at room temperature.

For whipped cream

  • In another bowl, take 2 cups of chilled cream.
  • With an electric beater or in a stand mixer, whip the cream till you get soft peaks.
  • Add 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, give it a stir and your cream is ready.

Prepping fruits and cake for the trifle

  • Slice and chop fruits of your choice; just avoid citrus fruits and melons. I used apples, grapes, strawberries and pomegranate.
  • Now slice 250 grams or a small block of plain vanilla cake or pound cake into cubes. I used homemade pound cake.

Arranging the trifle

  • Line half a portion of the sponge cubes in a serving bowl. You can also make individual portions of the trifles in bowls or dessert glasses.
  • Brush the cake with any juice of your choice; don’t overuse it.
  • Now layer half of the chopped mixed fruits.
  • Spread half of the custard in a layer.
  • Add a layer of whipped cream.
  • Repeat all the layers.
  • Even out the topmost layer with a spatula and top it with chocolate shavings and cherry. You can also use fruits, berries or anything of your choice.
  • Chill it in refrigerator and your trifle is ready to be served.

Stay-at-home mom things that make it all worth!

Well you are a stay-at-home mom now and you realize that this easy sounding word is not so easy to live!

You have a hundred chores to do; still you are asked what do you do?

Dressing up for the day has taken a backseat.

There is not a day with sick leave or a vacation.

You are in constant company of your kids, yet there are times when you feel lonely.

You have left your six figure job and your career is the haziest of the things you can see.

Your bank balance which used to flourish once is an unvisited territory.

There are moments of extreme lows when you feel being worthless and find loosing on yourself.


Yet, there is no denial to the fact that there is certainly an edge you have as a mother. The control over routines is of course better. The attention you lend to your family is undivided. There is no additional stress (other than kids). Then there are moments which are so beautiful– moments which only a stay-at-home mom will understand. The moments of sheer bliss and joy– those are inexplicable and make a SAHM’s life worth living.

  • The moments of your child’s first; first laugh, first crawl, first step, first word. Imagine having missed any of these which would mean missing a really big milestone of their and also your life.

  • The moments of fun, play, tickle and laughter without worries of work or deadlines or people at work.

  • The moments when you are there to cuddle, hug and give your warmth in times of their sickness; and not depend on a paid help or be with them with a divided attention.

  • The privilege of having a baby group at the park or in the community to share your struggles, blessings, lessons and offer positive support to one another.

  • The joy of being your child’s mom first and be remembered by everyone in your baby group by your child’s name.

  • The fun of doing silliest of the things with your little human; dressing up your boy like a girl or vice versa, becoming a clown for those heart-warming super infectious giggles or snapping yourselves in the weirdest of weird ways.

  • Those moments watching your little one asleep during his naps in his cosy bed basking in your warmth by his side.

  • That feeling of desperately needing a break from being surrounded by your little someone 24/7; yet feeling something greatly amiss when not being so.

  • The moments of catching on afternoon naps and never feeling if you have had a good one.

  • The joy of teaching love and language to your kids from their own flesh and blood.

  • The fun (though it doesn’t seem fun when it actually happens) when none of your bathroom visits are without an audience or you are being banged at the door by a gumball or answering their zillion questions on the commode!

  • The leisure hour of daytime TV watching with your kids in sofa.

  • That constant struggle to finish off your chores amidst the help by your little ones in unfolding the laundry, rearranging the dishes, dismantling the pantry and of course undecking the house.

  • Those endless efforts to create gadget free time or zones by being a charcter of the pretend plays, or an opponent in the board games or a partner in the Pinterest activities.

  • That super awesome feeling of being your kid’s last good bye to school and first hello from school.

  • The joy of pouring all your creativity in your kids’ at home activities, school projects, lunch boxes; you are a stay-at-home mommy after all!

  • The joy of planning play dates on early releases since they don’t come as a nightmare to you.

  • When home is the first and the only shelter your kids think of, as there is no going to the day cares or the aunts or the neighbours.

  • That feeling of complacence for patiently investing in your children– those hours of struggle feeding or putting to bed or mentoring or answering their questions.

  • Above all, just being there; because you know that this is precious and this all is going to go fast.

A visit to LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Columbus

Are you an avid fan of LEGOS®?

; or you can spend hours building your own LEGO® creations?

; or just that LEGO® in any form tempts you?

Then LEGOLAND Discovery Center is the place meant for you.

We visited Legoland Discovery Center at Columbus, Easton Town Center. It is an indoor LEGO® playground and a heaven for any LEGO® lover.

The admission price is $ 24 for children above 2 years and $ 25 for adults. Pre-purchased online tickets are available at a discount of $ 5. LEGOLAND memberships are also available at $ 60 per family with more than 3 members. Children under 2 are free. It’s open all seven days a week from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm except Saturday when it’s open until 8.00 pm. Adults must be accompanied by at least one child.

What you will find inside LEGOLAND, Columbus.

The place provides hours of fun, to LEGO® lovers. Here is a quick peak into what you will find there.

The first attraction is Kingdom quest that allows the riders to board on a chariot and rescue the princess using laser guns at skeletons, spiders and bats. Kids less than 4’3” must be accompanied by someone over that height.

You can watch an adventure 4D Lego movie at the Lego 4D Cinema. The one running on the day of our visit was Nexo Knights. It is quite a fun- be prepared to get a bit wet though!

Miniland is one amazing creation and one of the highlights of the Center. It contains LEGO® sized replica of favorite spots at Ohio’s three cities- Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Then there is Merlin’s Apprentice Ride that lets you paddle and soar. You must be 3’ tall to ride this. Those under 4’, must accompany someone over that height.

You can build your own vehicle and test on tracks built at LEGO® racers. Vehicle lovers are sure to have a great time building and finally racing their cars.

LEGO® City Play Area gives a good breather to kids for running, climbing and jumping.

There is DUPLO® Village and DUPLO® Farm for younger kids.

It’s your best chance to create almost anything under the sun at the LEGO Friends area.

You can also catch up special Creative Workshops with tips and tricks on building with LEGO®. Although, you need to check their schedule to catch up with their timings.


The place is wheelchair and stroller accessible. It also has a small cafe with options like coffee, cold sodas, snacks and fresh meals. The party hall is especially available for hosting kid’s birthday parties. Unique shopping options are also available at the LEGO® store.

Give your own exciting twist to playing LEGOS®

The ways to play LEGOS® are just endless. With zillions of LEGO® pieces around at the Center, sky is the limit towards constructing marvellous creations. Even with your own set of pieces at home, you can experiment the following.

Build a famous landmark or your favorite building. You can just refer to any book or picture from your album for building any of your favorite structure. Also, you have instructions online to build a lot of well-known structures, like The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome etc.

Merge and mix to create a new world on a particular theme. From a given set of LEGO® pieces create your own themes of a particular landscape or a setup. You can even encourage children to make up their own stories about their LEGO® creations.

Creative challenge. Time yourself and your friend to create something you have decided to. For example, you might start with a simple practice of building the tallest structure in a particular time period. This also teaches kids a lot about science. For example, here they learn the wider the base, the taller will be the structure.

Craft a character or an animal. Use your imagination or refer to any picture or follow online instructions to create anything under the sun– a robot or an animal or an object or any of your favorite character.

LEGOS® are not only helpful in building skills in kids like thinking, problem solving, focussing; the creations they make give a great a sense of accomplishment that can be extremely satisfying!

It’s time you discover your favorite source of LEGO® source or creation!

It’s Time You Get Your Best Halloween Advent Calendar Ready!

The leaves are changing color. The breeze has gone pleasant. The wardrobes are getting a revamp to boots and flannels and trousers. The themes in schools have got a fall based changeover. The stores are freshly stacked with tempting collection of festival goods. Nonetheless to mention, fall is here.

Fall brings with it the vibes of celebrations. Halloween being the first and kids’ most favourite.

My son too just loves Halloween. And why not! There is so much to do and there are corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hay farms and haunted houses. And, that cute short fall; giving a much needed breather from the jam-packed school schedules. To make it a little more exciting, we added Halloween advent Calendar to our list this year.

So what is this Halloween Advent Calendar?

The Halloween Advent Calendar or the Halloween Countdown Calendar is a Halloween theme based calendar consisting of compartments which contain little treats or fun activities for each day. This calendar intends to treat kiddos for the entire month and not just one day. After all, there can be nothing better than getting a pre-Halloween surprise each and every day.

You can buy these calendars from stores or also do it by yourself. Not much hype needed, the idea is to keep it enjoyable for the little ones. There is a range of treating ideas that can be included in this Advent Calendar.

Gift ideas:

Halloween candies treat cups
Pirate patch
Halloween books
Witch socks
Halloween donuts bouquet
Monster pencils
Chocolate skull lollipops

Vampire soaps
Halloween jewelry or makeup
Skeleton bookmark

Fun activity ideas:

Do a Halloween craft: It’s time to give a monsterly or a witchish or a ghostly touch to your craft. Some ideas include:
Make a witch slime
Make Halloween paper lanterns
Carve or paint a pumpkin
Make spider craft
Make paper plate mummy
Make toilet paper roll monster
Paste straw skeletons on paper

Make apple cider vinegar: Since apples are back in season and it’s time guests coming over, make a batch yourself. A freshly made apple cider is like a divine treat you give to yourself as well as your guest.

Bake pumpkin pie: Halloween means pumpkins in abundance. So why not use those pumpkins in making pies. What an interesting way to get some fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium! (Use uncarved or undecorated ones though!)

Make your own Halloween Costume: Store bought costumes are common and expensive as well. You can design your own costume. They are super fun and cheaper as well. It can be anything from doing a simple no-sew cape to a costume of your favorite story book character.

Do a Halloween theme based raised salt painting: It’s one simple and enjoyable thing that kids love to do. Simply ask them to do their drawing and squeeze glue over the drawing. Next, sprinkle with salt until glue is covered. Now dip the paint brush into water color and gently touch the salt lines. Let it dry!

Halloween do-a-dot printable: Super easy and fun!

Bake a batch of monster cookies: Easy to bake and super fun to eat!

Do wicked Halloween decorations: Have a happy Halloween decoration shopping or a fun making experience!

Do a ghoulish stick puppet shows: Add an interesting touch to story reading by just doing a puppet show using ice cream sticks.

Visit a pumpkin patch or a local farm: Join Halloween themed festivities near you and make memories of lifetime.

Play Halloween charades or Halloween scavenger hunt: Play the Halloween charade game as Pictionary or let kiddos compete for scavenger hunt of hidden Halloween theme icons.

How to keep the calendar interesting?

Keep your calendar ready and get your kids doing all their chores and tasks before opening the calendar for each day. You can always plan the gift or activity idea according to the time you have for a particular day. If gifts don’t fit in the calendar pocket, put a clue therein and do a little treasure hunt. Have your own versions of calendar, in form of a tree or a pinata or anything that clicks.

Have a frighteningly fun Halloween!

Fighting the back-to-school plague!

The school reopened. The Euphoria had hardly set in when I am haunted.

I am haunted with the thought of my kid coming home wheezing or sniffling or with balmy temperature, or hand foot and mouth or a pink eye.

I am haunted with the thought of the germiest potential illness causing thing that my child got in contact with; at the water fountain, the gym, the cafeteria or just shared something with somebody who is already carrying germs.

I am haunted with the thought of lingering symptoms and troubles that bother the child over days.

I am haunted with the complete overhaul in schedules that goes because of the sick kid being home.

This is no end. What follows is even more stressful!

Yes, you are right! That uncanny feeling of guilt that sets in.

What wrong did I do?

Did I not stop him from having that glass of cold drink that caused the bad throat?

; or may be I didn’t cover the child properly!

; or just that I have not done my enough to strengthen the immune system of my child!

As parents, we live in this constant fear of our kids contracting illness specially from school. After all, there is no place more contagious than school in spreading illness of all kinds.

It’s not possible to completely eliminate kids from getting sick. Even if we take a reasonable number of steps, it’s quite normal for kids to get sick a couple of times. However, there are some of the preventive measures that could be taken to avoid sickness.

Ensuring that the entire family gets their annual flu shot. The recommended season for getting the flu vaccine is early in fall i.e. by October so that the protection continues throughout the flu season.

Teaching proper hand washing technique to kids which includes scrubbing for 20 seconds and rinsing and drying with a dry paper towel. Also, ensuring that kids wash hands specially before and after meals, after using washroom and coming back from outdoors.

Including healthy fruits and vegetables that boost immune including vitamin C (oranges, blueberries, papaya) probiotics (greek yogurt), glutamine (tuna, spinach, tofu) and above all making them stay properly hydrated.

Communicating preventive etiquette involving proper covering while coughing, sneezing and nose blowing. Also, avoiding sharing supplies, food and anything that might spread germs.

Taking care when using water fountain that includes avoiding contact with the spout and running water for few seconds before drinking.

Sensitizing them about the spread of infections by encouraging wiping and sanitizing; without overdoing it.

Getting plenty of rest and sleep (around nine to twelve hours for kids). Sleep deprivation can make kids three times more prone to getting cold, according to research.

Avoiding sending to school if the child just doesn’t seem normal and checking with the school regarding the return policies if in doubt.

Consulting paediatrician if any of the symptoms are followed by a lack of appetite, lethargy or a distinct change in mood, which could signal something more serious is developing.

Finally, staying calm and thanking goodness after every recovery.

In a world counting on tally of friends, making real genuine equations is what truly matters!

It doesn’t matter if you are a people’s person or a bit less of it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a huge count of friends or a few of it.

It doesn’t matter if you are too conscious, fearful, or cautious of being judged, accepted or deceived in relationships or just don’t give it much of a damn.

It doesn’t matter if you come with a natural sense of creating bonds or it’s just not your thing.

What matters is real happiness.

Happiness lies in real relationships, expression of real emotions and making heartfelt bonding. It needs to be got ridden of insecurities of losing on something or fear of being judged.

By the way, happiness does by no means is momentary fun. It’s a state of being which is persistent and which reflects in everything else around that being.

Happiness can only be derived with people who we are real friends with; who we depend on or enjoy with.

And if you have a such circle of people (even a very few) who you are real friends with, you surely have learnt the following lessons in life.

It’s not always a 50/50 for you

Well, mutuality is something that is expected in all relationships. But it’s not a turn by turn thing for real friends.

If you offer a friend a big part of something , you don’t expect the same in return.

People who value you will by anyhow show how much you matter to them in some or the other ways. You understand and appreciate people for doing their bit, even if it’s by a little.

However, not everyone one will respect your effort. For them, you come at terms with the fact that those are the values you have grown with and the values that represent you. You train yourself to look beyond. And above all, you are proud of the values that make you.

You don’t compare apple to oranges

You cheer for their accomplishments, possessions and life stories, but not let their adequacies feel inadequate about yourself.

You don’t make irrational comparisons with all the glittery stuff you come across. Those fascinating stories might have some of the harshest realities, and you know it quite well. You are thankful for the shining jewels you have.

You chose people wisely

Well spending time with somebody whom you are just not happy with is a waste. You surround yourself with somebody who uplifts and is your well wisher. Not just for whom you are just an option.

It can be anyone; a friend from outside, a spouse, a parent or even your children. You rely on those set of people for their piece of advice

Real people chose people just because that is what they feel and not just that they have to even though it’s a labyrinth of expectations, calculations, and manipulations.

You take time to invest

People don’t belong to us and they need to be reminded that they are special. You never underestimate people who care, who drops down to check your well being and ensure you are doing well. You value them and hence take time to tell them that how much you value them.

You chose to be real

You know how to be happy from inside and not just to show it to the world. Your mind is healthy and your heart is hail. You don’t carry the burden of things and bear no grudges.

You are real in your thoughts and emotions which may have both end of extremes. A real person can only get some real set of people in his life and real happiness.

You make positive interpretation of others actions

Continuously blaming people for not doing their part makes you drained and unhappy in relationships. You try not to attach negative interpretations of what others do or not do in most of the situations. You believe in clearing your doubts if any so that you live without any burdens.

You understand the difference between a bond and a phase

Friendships exists because there is just something that clicks. It’s free of ulterior motives and notions. It develops over a period of time and gets deeper, silent and bigger as time passses by.

You and your set of people do understand that there are times when you can’t be available for each other since there are chores to be performed or obligations to be fulfilled. There is something over and above the superficial, the internal bond of understanding and just being there.

You know how to move on

There are situations that are disturbing you or people who are just ruining the peace of your mind. Even the most perfect set of things are bound to face some ups and downs at certain points of time.

You tell yourself what is important to you and train yourself to get rid of all such thoughts. You are your own friend and by no means let the outer turbulence distract your presence for the people who matter to you the most.

Usage of Can/could, Will/would, Shall/Should, May/Might

Modal verbs, also known as the helping verbs, are the most important parts of speech that are used to express ability, possibility, permission and obligation. A lot of times, we get confused or make errors in using can/could, will/would, may/might, shall/should. Given below is how the following should be used.

Can and Could

Can is used in sentences to express ability when using in affirmative sense and the past of can is could.

I can climb.

I could climb. (I had the ability to climb may be when I was young, and now I am not able to!)

Can and could both are used in interrogative for permission. Could is considered a more formal and polite form.

Can I borrow your pen?

Could I borrow your pen?

Will and Shall

Will is used used for showing intention, desire of some action in future.

I will become a doctor when I become old.

Shall is used to ask for suggestion

Shall we go and dance?

Sometimes shall is used to indicate obligation in formal communication (notices, announcements, applications etc.)

The employees shall get to their departments by 9 a.m.

Will and Would

Will expresses certainity of something that has to happen in future whereas would is less certain and has a conditional mood.

The bus will reach by 9 a.m.

She would finish the book. (There is an implied sense or a condition like if she were upto.)

Would is also used for some action that continued to happen in past, instead of ‘used to’.

When she was a kid she thought that she would become a doctor.

Would is the past of will when indicating future in the past.

In summers we would go to a new beach every year.

Would is also used to express wish or preference.

I would like to have a cup of coffee.

I would rather go for a movie than sit at home.

Would is also used for polite offers and invitations.

Would you mind passing the pen please?

Hypothetical sentences- Such sentences expresse factual implications or hypothetical situations (also known as the if clause) and their consequences (known as main clause). These express situations which are imaginary or unrealistic. They can be of the following forms

If I were you, I would never go out for work. (The if clause takes the second form of verb after subject and the main clause takes would plus first form of verb with the subject.

If I won a billion dollars, I would travel to the moon.

Note: We never use will and would in the clause containing conditional words like if, when, after, wherever, whenever etc.

 If you will come, I can go is wrong.

If you come, I can go is right

In indirect speech, will becomes would.

She says, “ I will win the match”.

She said that she would win the match.

Shall and Should

Shall indicates obligation in very formal situations.

The candidates shall not bring their phones in the premises.

Should is used to give opinion or suggestion and to ask for opinion and suggestion.

You should call for a taxi, if you want to reach early.

Should we tell him about the movie?

What should I do?

In indirect speeches, shall becomes should.

He says, “ I shall get a taxi”

He said he should get a taxi.

May and Might

May and might indicate probability in future. While may is more certain, might carries with it lesser probability and applies to hypothetical and counterfactual situations.

She may come is more sure than She might come.

Might is the past of may.

She thinks she may become a doctor.

She thought she might become a doctor.

Can’t believe the summer break ends and a new chapter begins

Dear son,

The summer holidays are over and I still can’t get over it.

No sooner had it been about parks and beaches and picnics and road trips than it would be about conferences and book fairs and classroom parties and field trips.

I will surely miss your lazed out morning schedules; and my constant nags of dragging and draining you for all little things.

“Wake up, it’s almost 9 now.”

There’s hardly gonna be any scope of it now. You shall be hard on your responsibility of getting up early now so that you could make it to the school.

I will miss your incessant complains of being bored after every while and what next can be in your option list of to-do’s.

You are gonna be so consumed by a tiring day followed by classes and activities that the days will end in a jiffy now.

I will miss the constant company of yours that I got so used to. My reading partner, my painting buddy, my morning sunshine, my evening delight.

A lot of peaceful times that I am gonna have is surely going to have some big deal amiss in it.

I am gonna miss our summer together; day outings, visits to the pool, trips to the liabrary, play dates with friends, enjoying ice cream treats and playing with bubbles and all little things that bring a smile on your face.

My litle man is ready for the first grade now. This is officially the class of you getting started to the first level of education.

It fills me to a deep level of excitement and to a deeper level of nervousness.

Excitement, to see you grow, do all those little things by yourself and learn wiser lessons of life.

Nervousness, as time draws you closer to itself and one step away from me; probably you needing a bit less of me.

It’s the first now and it will be no sooner when you will be ready to fly all by yourself.

Seeing their kids grow is what we all parents want, still feel so shaky when that happens!

Well, that’s the irony of life.

Nothing, but hail and hearty wishes from your mom my little boy.

The stage is set for you to do bigger things and I am sure you are there to win it.

Kid-friendly recipe: Rainbow Fudge

Rainbow Fudge is one gorgeous and superbly simple dessert that can be a real delight for kids as well as grown ups equally. This no bake fudge is so easy and fun to make that you can safely make it with your kids. Serve this eye candy and melt in mouth dessert at a party or a celebration or give it to your kid as an after school snack, it’s going to be a hit for sure!


  1. 36 ounces white candy melts (or white chocolate chips)
  2. 3 cups sweetened condensed milk
  3. 3 teaspoons vanilla extract
  4. 1 pinch salt
  5. Food colouring (purple, green, blue, pink)


    Prepare a deep square pan; lining it with butter paper sheet.
    In a pan, add white candy melts, sweetened condensed milk, salt and vanilla extract and heat. You can also mivrowave it in a bowl for 30 seconds, then stir.
    Once melted and smooth, divide the mix into four different bowls. Add a few drops of purple, pink, green and blue gel food coloring and stir until the color is nicely mixed.
    Add the purple fudge mixture into the prepared pan and smooth it into an even layer.
    Chill the pan to set the layer for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator or 10 minutes in the freezer.
    Repeat the process with pink, blue and green colours of fudge, refrigerating it after adding every layer.
    After it’s completely set, remove the fudge by taking out the butter paper sheet and cut it into squares using a large knife.


You can store the Rainbow Fudge in an airtight container at the room temperature for around a month.

Let’s Make Our Children Friends with Germs!

I am a parent.

I get hysterical with dirt and dust around my kid.

I live in a home that is hyper clean– with disinfectants of various sorts.

I doze my young one with sanitizer often, especially when outside.

I have a list of food that has been ticked off owing to their potential threats.


Well that is what it would to most of us! No contact with germ laden stuffs means no potential illness. Hyper clean homes and bodies mean no antibiotic invasion. No threatening food means none falling ill.

But wait.

Is that really so?

Is my fear rational?

Is it actually required to follow such a norm– a norm which probably never existed before?

How could our parents produce stronger generation of kids without being so phobic to germs? 

In fact, they had a generation which was less prone to germ causing diseases and allergies– even though their houses never smelled of disinfectants and sanitizers and soaps– even though they were not plagued with the thought of their children getting dirty in mud and soil.

The reason might be simple.

Somewhere while maintaining cleanliness, we fail to strike a balance with the right kind of germ exposure. There is a whopping trillions of bacteria in human body which control the immune system. This system needs to be nurtured through the right kind of exposure to germs and bacteria, especially during the very young age.

Of course, we can’t promote exposing kids to virus and bacteria. Infact, basic sanitary practices are the main cause that have helped survived various infectious diseases and make health advancements. Washing hands before meals and touching something gross, basic rituals of brushing teeth; day and night, having shoes out before entering home, showering, and laundry can never be underestimated. 

However, our immune system needs to be challenged to be fit. If we create an environment so antiseptic, then we are probably making our immune system too lazy to take that challenge. So if ever such hyper-sensitized immune system comes across something that’s foreign then they become inflammatory triggering allergies.

Therefore, let’s expose our children to germs, the right kind of exposure indeed!

Let’s allow our children to play with mud. I believe mud is just not just a gooey, sticky substance, it has some magical powers. It is the most natural form of play and creates some fondest of the memories. There is no permission better than the permission to get dirty. Other than the fun element and the sensory appeal it has, it does a lot in building immunity. Exposing kids to germs at early age reduces chances of contracting allergies later in lives. Let’s try to control the parent in us against dirt, mud, soil and let kids be kids.

Let’s not sterilize our home too often. I get fascinated by the houses that are clean. However, sterilizing everything our kids touch will reduce their contact with the good bacteria as well needed in their gut. Let’s live in an environment which is home like and not hospital like.

Let’s not to go insane if our child picks from the floor and eat. I don’t say that I would promote eating food dropped on the floor. Of course eating food from the floor is not absolutely risk free. But if it is normal household floor and a child has picked up then let’s not panic like a germophobe. At least not be the one tutoring of how dangerous such an act could be!

Let’s not lather our children with hand sanitizer. I have layman knowledge of the chemicals these otherwise cleansing agent could be made of. They could be harmful, more than what touching or playing can cause. Let’s eradicate this as much from life as possible.

Let’s give our children fermented food. A lot of buzz that has been around fermented food and that it is meant for adults. Fermented foods are high in antioxidants and probiotics which is really good for our gut. Introducing the good bacteria at an early age is always a good idea. It’s not only good for our existing health but it also prevents us from falling ill. So time to include fermented dairy drink kefir or the yogurts of variety!

Let’s not freak out when our child goes barefoot. Most kids are conditioned to too much of an indoor environment these days. But ever if they wish to go barefoot on the grass, on the mulch or the fields, just let them be; not trying to anticipate who might have spitted, pooped or trashed the place. I believe this practice of grounding or earthing shall be doing good indeed; as the Earth carries a lot of negative charge. This charge is a good supply of antioxidants and free radical destroying electrons.

Let’s not use antibacterial soaps. Antibacterial soaps have been the latest thing to advanced cleanliness and providing protection as compared to the regular soaps. However, these soaps have lately been under the scanner for the harsh chemicals they have. These soaps deplete the good bacteria found naturally in the skin. And if the good bacteria are killed, then chances are that the bad bacteria will overpopulate. 

Let’s come out of that overtly cautious era of humans that we have created. Humans who give way to their irrational fear of contracting disease and create limitless boundaries for their kids. Humans who are unaware of the dangers of not exposing kids to dirt and soil and germs and pathogens. Humans who introduce allergies before introducing food to their kids. 

Of course it will take time. It will take time to allow kids snacking without having washed hands after gardening. It will take time to pick a pacifier and put back to a little ones mouth without washing it. It will take time to not grab our piece of disinfectant after sensing of any act that stands in our list of gross and yuck.

Just remember “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”!