Making a Rock Garden

Now that its spring and we are garden ready, this is the best time to add a creative edge to our gardening stuff. I have long been thinking of painting rocks for my garden, so I did a couple of these with my little one. Not only it adds an extra pop to our garden, it was really a fun thing doing.

You can get rocks in the stores (particularly home improvement or landscaping) nearby you or also collect it from areas around. Collecting rocks with kids on your daily walks is an additional fun you can add to the process.

What you’ll need:

White charcoal pencil/Regular pencil
Small flat or round brush, liner brush or other detail brush
Patio paint/Acrylic paint
Markers (you can use glass paint markers or sharpie), glitter pens
Hot glue
Acrylic sealant/varnish

Basic steps:

Pick smooth rocks for painting and close to the shape you intend to make. Wash the rocks to clean. Put the base coat and let them dry completely after this and after every coat. While acrylic paints can also be used, patio paints last longer for outdoor weather conditions. For better protection of paints from elements, you can do a final coating of sealant or varnish.

Some ideas

Cacti in a pot– You can have rocks painted as cacti in cute pots. First, apply a base coat of dark green color. Then draw different patterns using a white marker– straight dashed lines, criss cross, and dots. You can also add lines using lighter shades of green to add an interesting twist. Now, fill a pot with decorative sand or pebbles and stick in the rock cactus.

Lady bugs– These are one of the simplest and most popular forms of rock painting. Paint black for their heads and vibrant colours of red, blue and yellow for the body. Then put dots with a black marker and make eyes.

Butterflies– For this one, pick rock of shapes that can be transformed into a butterfly. First, make a sketch. Based on the selection of the rock, you can make it either open winged or closed winged. Erase the unwanted part using the dark shades. Then, do the undercoat of body and wings with white paint, so that the subsequent colors look more vibrant. Then paint the body–the upper wings, the lower wings and the body. Then using a liner brush, make designs; tear shaped, circles, curved lines, outlines, eyes and set of feelers. For some additional pop, make designs using glitter pens.

Kittens– This painting of a sitting kitty was quite an attraction. First, do a black coat as the base coat and then use white paint for body patterns. Painting the face requires a better hold of the detailed brush. It’s easier if you use markers or pens for this. Then, stick the face with the body using glue.

Plant markers– For this, you need to collect rocks of different sizes depending on the size of the word. Paint them with a base coat. Let them dry. Now write the plant names using markers or thin paint brushes. You can decorate them with designs of your choice using colours that will show up over your base coat. Now your plant markers are ready to be placed. Also, they make great gifts for friends and family as an encouragement for their first garden.

Sunflower vase– Select rocks with flat base that can stand on itself. Divide the base and top using green and blue respectively. Add highlights to the vase. Sketch foliage and flowers (some upwards and some bent downwards). Paint foliage using shades of green. Now paint flowers–its centre with brown and leaves with yellow. Define and detail the inner circle and individual petals.

So what are you waiting for! It’s time to get garden ready and add rock painting to the summer bucket list of activities for the kids.


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